Woodland Trailer Factory
Custom Teardrop Trailers and Components


Woodland Trailer Factory features easy pricing. No hidden fees. You'll like our low-pressure style.  Prices start at $7995.00 for a well equipped trailer.  Most of our standard items are options on other brand teardrops.

Enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing that all our components have passed our rigorous inspection before we offer. Them for sale.
Teardrop Trailers

Our Teardrop Trailers are some of the finest built.  We care about all of the components we use and spend many hours perfecting them before they are ready to sell to our valued customers.

Hot Rod Edition

Our Hot Rod edition has many custom features usually sold as options on Teardrop Trailers.  Custom rims, stabilizers, jack and electrical packages are standard on all of our trailers.  We do have extra cost options, but they are items that make our Teardrops a cut above all the others.



We feature an extensive line of optional items to create a one of a kind Teardrop.  We offer built in cooktops and sinks with water onboard. Choose from cd stereo with speakers with remote control to change volume or stations from the comfort of your chair.

All of our trailer come standard with our 12v electrical package and 110v shore power package installed.

Our galley has doors to enclose all of
your camping gear inside, out of sight.
Most Teardrops just have a cubby to stack all your gear in.


Our rear hatch is built from steel.  We found that the standard wood framing of a hatch is too heavy and wont keep its shape after a few years.

Laser cut side plates with 3/4" tubing welded together with a center latch to
assure this door is light and will stay shut and secure.  Its also lighter and easier to open and close.  We use  dual gas struts to assist opening. 

Our latch is an OEM automotive style that has optional electric actuation.
We can supply a key fob that will, with the push of a button, open the rear hatch from anywhere within 30 feet.  Cool!!

A 12v flourescent light overhead will illuminate the kitchen area at night.

Our options list includes:

Rear trailer hitch
Custom Tail lights
2 Burner Stove top
Stainless Steel Sink
Pressure Water supply
On board battery charger
12v LCD TV 13"
Stereo Cd changer with speakers
Power inverter
Optima Battery

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